Tucked away in the stunning grounds of Falconhurst, a historic wedding venue deep in the heart of Kent, Flower Sisters grow a vibrant range of flowers between April and October for your special event or to cut and deliver to you at home.

Our bohemian blooms are nurtured from seed, cutting, tuber, corm or bulb and possess a quality and character unlike those you find anywhere on the high street.


Each year we make new and exciting choices of what to grow, unhindered and undaunted by global trends and the mass market. We revel in the individuality and transience of each flower, be it a stallwart or ephemeral one. We sell them as such.

Flower Sisters thrives on being a small-scale local business, offering a unique, customized and personal experience. 

The flowers are grown as organically as possible, on previously certified organic land with a low carbon footprint. We do not use any sprays, we just feed the plants using seaweed extract!

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