Artist and gardener Felicity Williams, combines her passion for colour, form, imagination and creativity in floral artistry.

She was raised by a naturally creative mother who subconsciously creates beautiful spaces whilst cleaning and organising her way through her home as a matter of course. She refreshes corners with objects and vessels, blocking or refracting colourful light and casting interesting shadows.
Flowers were seasonal players in this game of interiors, from tiny violets in egg cups to branches in earthenware. (pictures that I need to send!) Her unassuming, unpretentious actions were passed through to Felicity like osmosis. In becoming a painter felicity explored colour, light and form in two dimensions, and
her gardening led that exploration into the three dimensional.
Her love of walking, through time, from her childhood and into adulthood took her through the same landscapes over many seasons. These experiences formed her imaginative vision and ability to visualize and create.
In 2014 she realised that this was the path she wanted to take, a career change. She had been asked to do flowers for a couple of weddings and parties, for which she travelled to London to buy flowers.

Her instinct as a gardener told her that she should be growing these flowers herself.
The thought of having the freedom to choose her own plants and which flowers to
grow for her own enjoyment and ends felt too good to be true, luxurious and

As time went by her circumstances changed. She moved and got one new job to replace a dozen others. One job that she could focus on and make a real difference to, in the place of an unfeasible acreage of twelve other jobs that she could never surmount. ( perhaps insert more pictures of these other gardens?)

With that one job as gardener at Falconhurst she was able to make it the ​wedding venue ​(link to Falconhurst wedding page) that it now is. With the relationship that she had built with Falconhurst, arose the opportunity to grow flowers in the kitchen garden and began ​Flower Sisters. ​(ling to About Flower Sisters page