Anticipating a busy season, I am eagerly waiting at the starting gate for the sun to give a bit more warmth to the earth and encourage the flowers to blossom!

Over the past couple of months I have been busily sowing half hardy annuals like snapdragons, forget-me-nots, sweet peas, calendula, cerinthe, and larkspur, just started with early annuals, nasturtiums, zinnias and pinks, and some perennials. It has been a slow start to the season alternating between the freezing and the just about warm enough.

I have been watching the foliage of the tulips and ranunculus push through the cold soil, promising flower buds soon, and I have spotted the first white anemone flowers hugging the ground waiting for the heat to lengthen their

A couple of months ago the church hall next door had a fire in its roof cavity. This was pretty scary on a personal level as it is so close to my home. However the firefighters soon got on top of the problem and my house was not at risk. The inclement weather slowed the process of the roofs repair and it was not until this morning that I realised the impact that this repair would have on my business. An almost warm, sunny day at the front of the house was in stark contrast to my back garden, engulfed by shade. The scaffolding is erected and the temporary corrugated iron roof encloses the renovation and its shadow swallows the garden; my sunny greenhouse now gets no sun

In that shadow our seedlings stand in cold, wet compost. Compost can stay wet for days in shadows, in which seedlings shrink down and rot. As the implications of the shadow dawned on me, I realised that I had to take immediate action to kick start my spring elsewhere. As a result this morning I ordered our first polytunnel, with the encouragement and backing of my partner. A decision waiting in the wings for enough capital, but hastened by necessity! A bid to expand our capacity for quantity and variety of flowers and foliage, and to harness the heat of the south facing field in which our flowers grow. Every cloud has a silver lining and I am back on track again! My premature decision to buy the polytunnel was strengthened and further galvanized by the reality that I am due to give birth in a couple of months time. My intention is to get as much in the ground as soon as possible. ​I am gradually achieving this and now have the space to plant an abundance of exciting flowers! So hurry up poly tunnel and help me grow!